Monday, 30 November 2015

New Narrative For Our Video

After getting the feedback from our class members we decided to develop a narrative for our video as it was mainly performance shots and it could be boring for viewers. We took inspiration from the title of our song "I Do" and content of the song which is all about love, so our narrative is going to be wedding themed. A bridal party getting the bride ready for her wedding but the bride doesn't want the extravagance of the wedding and it all builds up till its too much and she runs away to be with her fiancĂ©e and get married away from her controlling family. 

We want our narrative to be filmed on a super 8 camera because we like the retro look it gives to film, however we don't own a super 8 camera so we plan to edit the footage in after effects and final cut pro to give it the same effect. As I will be the bride in the narrative aswell as performance the super 8 effect will help the viewer differentiate between the two.
This is a music video for Lana Del Rey's song Ultraviolence, it has the super 8 effect and also features a bride, however she just walks around the garden, probably being filmed by her lover from the way she interacts with the camera and breaks the fourth wall. We will be taking this video as inspiration for our own.

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