Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Third Shoot

This was our second time shooting performance shots and third in total. This time around it went much smoother than previously, I was completely comfortable with preforming and we had handled the projector before.

This time we used an upright fan to create wind and movement for my hair and the backdrop. Looking at the footage the effect created is really nice as there is more movement within the frames. We also used two camera shooting simultaneously today, this was really helpful as we got double the amount of shots at the same time.

Paru and Emily were controlling the two cameras while Zara was helping with the costume, fan and other miscellaneous things like the projector and backdrop. In between takes I was looking at the footage and suggesting ideas for the next take, as I am in the video its important I look at what we shoot at the time so I too can see how the shoot is going and how it looks on camera.

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