Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Second Shoot

Today was our second time shooting and our first time shooting as a whole group. We filmed at group member Paru's house. We filmed at Paru's house as her family has a white backdrop used for evenys. This was very helpful as it was difficult for us to find a suitable place for us to film in school (as we needed a projector) however our department let us borrow a portable projector. 

So this shoot we used the canon 500D, Tripod, MacBook and a Sony portable Projector.

We started to film our performance shots but I was nervous too mime and perform the song, so it did take around 20 minutes to get comfortable with the filming. It also took us some time to get used to projector. We will need to shoot performance shots again as we didn't get enough variety of angles and shots today.

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