Tuesday, 5 January 2016

10 Things That Could Go Wrong in Our Music Video

1 - Weather (if it rains when we are filming our narrative it will ruin it)
2 - Lighting (if the projections don't give enough lighting on Kyla's face)
3 - Equipment (e.g. battery running out on cameras)
4 - Full SD card (no space for our footage)
5 - Performer (not being comfortable in front of the camera and giving an awkward performance)
6 - Costume (not fitting in with our aesthetic or digipaks)
7- Location (not being able to find a location that is suitable and matches our story boards)
8 -  Miming (If our chosen performer cannot mime convincingly it will ruin the video)
9 - Mise-en-scene (if the props and costume are off then the whole video will look wrong)
10 - Not planning our shoots properly will be disastrous. 

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