Thursday, 15 October 2015

Production Log

Today my group and I took some preliminary photographs for our digipak's and posters. We took the photos in school to make use of the resources, we used a white screen and a projector. We plugged the projector into a laptop to project images onto myself. We also were going to use a large light, however in the first pictures we found it made the projections less visible. So we just used the natural light and the colours in the projections. 

It took a while to get set up as we were un familiar with the projection device, however after that the process went very well as we all have had experience with DSLR cameras. Being the model I was a bit nervous at the beginning, however my group members each had visions for their digipaks so that helped with the posing for the pictures. 

For the shoot I fake tanned to get the tan our artist Kyla would have, being from Miami. I wore three different outfits, two white and one black. I wanted to wear white to connote the beach feel of the tropical house genre, for this I also had my hair in beachy waves and wore natural make up

I feel that the pictures were a great success for a first try, however we may need a reshoot to get photo of specific poses or projections.

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