Thursday, 8 October 2015

Our Song Choices

My group and I had a few other song choices before deciding on I Do by Felix Jaehn. Other options where Come and Get It by Selena Gomez, Here For You by Gorgon City ft. Laura Welsh and Comeback by Ella Eyre.

As a group we really liked Comback and thought it would be fun to make a music for. We liked the upbeat music and the sassiness of the lyrics, which we thought would be fun to perform. However after looking at the video we were struggling to think of different idea. As the song is very narrative of a break up, which is her video is about. Another reason we didn't pick this song is that we prefer house genre music, than pop.

We all liked the song Come and Get It, it had the fast beat of a song we were looking for. It's a song that makes you want to dance however its not a dance genre song, which at this point is what were looking for. When looking at the existing music video the colour scheme wasn't something that inspired us as the colours were very rich and dark. Which does match the song however it doesn't fit my groups ultimate vision of faded colours.

Another song we looked at Here For You by Gorgon City, was the genre and my group and I wanted to do our music video for. It was one of our two final choices because we all previously knew and liked the song, but it wasn't as well known by a lot of other people. Therefore the original video wouldn't be recognisable. 

The last song in our options is I Do by Felix Jaehn. The song was to to the rest of the group as I suggested it from a compilation album, this means none of us knew of a music video so we new ideas and could be very imaginative. In fact there isn't a music video at all. It also fitted the exact genre we wanted to do , tropical house, a quite new genre that a lot of people aren't familiar with.

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