Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tropical House Genre

Tropical House is a sub-genre house and deep house music which first came to light in 2010

"it possesses typical house music characteristics, including synthesiser instrumentation, and a 4/4 kick drum pattern. Tropical house differentiates itself from deep house, which can often have a very dark sound, whereas tropical house can be described as having a more uplifting, and relaxing sound.[8] The tempo of tropical house songs is a little slower than deep house. Tropical house does not use the pumping compression effect of "big room" electro house. It usually includes some tropical instruments such as steel drums or marimba" 

2015 thus far has been a very good year for the tropical house genre, there have been songs which which have gone into the main stream charts; and their artists have became more well known. Examples of these are Kygo, Robin Schulz and Felix Jaehn. Schulz has had #1's worldwide with the songs Waves and Prayer in the C. Many Tropical house artists remix other artists songs, such as Felix Jaehn who remixed OMI's Cheerleader to worldwide success as a #1 single in many many countries. 

Due to the success of the tropical house songs other mainstream artists have started to be influenced by them, such as Justin Bieber and his song What Do You Mean. This shows that tropical house is a progressing genre.

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