Friday, 18 September 2015

Adorno and Horkhiemers Theory

Adorno and Horkhiemer coined the term Culture Industry, this means that the way cultural items are produced is similar to the way consumer goods are mass produced. With an assembly like way of production, the people in charge of producing media can make many singers (example) with the same production team and just present them differently so the public think they are having a choice of who they listen to when in reality they are getting the same controlled message. 

Because of the way media is mass produced and lacking in integrity the people who consume it become adjusted and want the same thing over and over. Some people go against comsuming this mainstream mass produced media, these people are Cultural Elitists.

This applies to our coursework brief as understanding the theory will help us define who our audience will be for our artists, then from there how we can effectivley market our media products to them.

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