Friday, 18 September 2015

Jay Z 99 Problems Applying Goodwin

Jay Z 99 Problems - the genre of this music video is rap / hip-hop. The convetions of this genre include; baggy /tracksuit clothing, designger brands, money, violence, weapons, crime, prison, objectifying women, urban areas and dancing.

This video includes the majority of these conventions, the whole video is shot in a deprived urban area.  Showing the inhabitants wearing baggy clothing brandishing guns, break danicng, women dancing in bikinis and crimes being comminted. 

Jay Z plays a criminal in the video who gets pulled over for speeding, however he raps about only being pulled over because "I'm young, black and wear my hat down low". The cop who pulls him over is white and so is the lawyer later shown is white too, whereas all the men being inducted into prison are black. This is a topic regulary rapped about in this genre, how black people are subjected to  white privellage. 

The video links music to visuals by having many of the cuts change in time to the beat, also the group of dancers dressed in black dance in unision to the beat. There are many lyrics matched the visuals such as the lyric mentioned prior about the hat and getting pulled over, on screen the video shows Jay Z being pulled over and questioned. The whole video consists of Jay Z so therefore meeting label demands for close ups of the artist. 

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